Monica Hirano [b. 1992 in Brasil] is an artist, curator and art producer. For the last 7 years, she has split her time between Egypt, India, Malaysia, Italy, Spain and France. In her curatorial practices, she seeks to work with values of diversity and the LGBTQAIPN+ movement, inclusion and human rights and HIV lives.

As an artist, Hirano uses the language of performance and installations, seeking deep self-discovery. She uses ancestry, heritage, family relations, roots of self-esteem and childhood memory as themes of research.

Holds a MA in Arts Management from Istituto Europeo di Design, Rome. Has participated as a curator, manager and featured artist in various exhibitions around the world. Some examples are BeFantastic Within Fellowship, supported by the British Council, and with an exhibition at BeFantastic Festival in Bangalore, India (2022-23); OVNi Festival, in Nice, France (2022); art resident at ETOPIA, Center of Arts and Technology in Zaragoza, Spain (2021); Gender Bender Festival, by SandBox Collective, sponsored by the Goethe Institute (2019); Something Else OFF Biennale in Cairo, Egypt (2018).





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