Monica Hirano [b. 1992 in Brasil] is an artist, curator and art producer. For the last 8 years, she has lived and worked in Egypt, India, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, France and Germany. In her curatorial practice, she seeks to work with values of diversity and the LGBTQAIPN+ movement, inclusion and human rights and HIV lives. Her later research involves AI and its social impacts.

As an artist, Hirano uses the language of performance and installations, seeking deep self-discovery. She uses ancestry, grief, heritage, family relations, roots of self-esteem and childhood memory as themes of research.

Holds a MA in Arts Management from Istituto Europeo di Design, Rome. Has participated as a curator, manager and featured artist in various exhibitions around the world. Some examples are resident at IAPAR Festival Pune, India (2023); BorderLand, Eupen, Belgium (2023); Something Else OFF Biennale in Cairo, Egypt (2023); BeFantastic Within Fellowship, supported by the British Council, and with an exhibition at BeFantastic Festival in Bangalore, India (2022-23); OVNi Festival, in Nice, France (2022); resident at ETOPIA, Center of Arts and Technology in Zaragoza, Spain (2021); Gender Bender Festival, by SandBox Collective, sponsored by the Goethe Institute (2019); Something Else OFF Biennale in Cairo, Egypt (2018).





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